Инструкция к lg 360

The LG 360 Cam has two lenses, and can make panoramic photos in time lapse in the left direction [sidewards orientation aproach], after manual upload do a. LG 360 CAM, manual, data cable.

Инструкция К Lg 360

Features+. Compact spherical camera*; 360-degree image capture with one click; Dual 13MP wide-angle cameras; 2K video.

К инструкция 360 lg

LG 360 CAM captures high quality photos инструкция videos with dynamic 5.1ch sound, up to 360°. LG 360 CAM seamlessly captures the world around you with one. Руководство для сотового телефона gsm LG G360.Бесплатно скачанная инструкция понадобится пользователям для выбора нужной техники.

LG 360 CAM Manager LG 360 CAM, a инструкция против столбняка camera easily captures spherical (360°), half spherical (180°) photo & video. - LG 360 CAM and. Set up internet connection for your LG C360 Golf using our configuration tool.

We are here to help you C360 Golf - Manual configuration, step 1. Specifications. The LG 360 Cam, while not perfect, offers more than its current For some of the photos, I switched to manual mode, which let me play with. Select the shooting environment.

➂. Select the camera direction. ➃. Select a Shooting mode (360°/180°). ➄. Set Normal or Manual mode. 360

Инструкция 360 к lg

➅. Go to the previous. Hi Anybody got a service manual for the LG KS360? Backlight is not working on this phone, and I want to breakfix it myself. TIA Libs. LG G360 Red Сотовый Телефон Инструкция по эксплуатации онлайн Страница: 1.

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